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Pulmicort (Budesonide)

Active Ingredient: (Budesonide)
Pulmicort is an inhaler medication used for preventing asthma attacks. It reduces inflammation in the airways. But it will not treat an asthma attack that has already begun.
Batch Expiry Date: June 2017
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Pulmicort 100 mcg/inh

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How it works

Pulmicort reduces irritation and swelling in the airways. It is a corticosteroid.

Guidelines for Usage

Follow the dosage instructions provided by your doctor or as mentioned in the instruction booklet/product label. Always use only as prescribed. Never exceed the dosage. . These usually have pretty detailed instructions that may be followed.

Read the instructions carefully if you are using an inhaler for the first time. It may be confusing. Or ask your healthcare provider to demonstrate it for you.

Keep an eye on the dosage counter to know how many doses are left in the container. The counter usually moves after every 5 doses. If the number 0 on the red background has reached the middle of the dose counter window, then it is time to stop using it as it may no longer give the correct dosage anymore.

Doctors recommend that you swallow the whole tablet/capsules with a glass of water unless it is specified that it can be broken or chewed.

NOTE: Use only if prescribed to you and intended for your use. Do not share with others.

Missed Dose

It is common for people to forget their dosage times and miss doses.

Do not panic if you have missed a dose.

Instead, skip the missed dose and take your next dose at the scheduled time. Do not double up or take more than what the doctor has prescribed.

How and where do I store Pulmicort

The medicine label contains detailed instructions regarding safe storage of the medication. Most medicines are best stored at room temperature between 15 and 30 degrees C (59 and 86 degrees F). Some medications may require to be refrigerated. Please check the product label.

Keep it away from the reach of children. Ensure that it is not exposed to direct sunlight or moisture. Ask your pharmacist about safely disposing off medication that is past expiry date.

Overdose Information

You must immediately contact an emergency poison control center if you suspect an overdose. An overdose with Pulmicort may have certain adverse side effects like (paste here)
Safety Information/ Warning Precautions

Discuss your medical history with your healthcare provider before you start using any new medication.

Ensure that you mention the following:

• Any prior serious ailment, lifestyle disease or surgery
• All the prescription drugs, OTC health supplements, herbal supplements that you are using currently
• Your alcohol intake and whether you smoke or not
• Any history of a known allergic reaction to prescription drugs or food

To be avoided

You must avoid using Pulmicort if you are allergic to any ingredient in it.

Known drug & food interactions

Pulmicort is known to interact with Hormonal contraceptives (eg, birth control pills, patches, implants), imidazole antifungals (eg, ketoconazole, itraconazole), or macrolide antibiotics (eg, erythromycin, clarithromycin), Barbiturates (eg, phenobarbital), carbamazepine, hydantoins (eg, phenytoin), or rifampin, Live vaccines or ritodrine.

Information for Pregnant Women Pulmicort

The Drug is categorized under FDA pregnancy category C

Discuss with your healthcare provider about the potential risk that it may pose to your baby before using the drug. Some medications may be found in breast milk so speak to your child’s doctor to rule out any possibilities of risk.
Find a local pharmacist nearby West Covina, CA using the pharmacy map on RxList. The pharmacies listed may include chain pharmacies (CVS Pharmacy, Rite Aid Pharmacy, Walgreens, etc.), along with neighborhood pharmacies that offer prescription drugs, and over the counter (OTC ... Covina, CA 91722 (626)966-4476. CVS Pharmacy #9687 702 N Azusa Ave West Covina, CA 91791 (626)967-0679. Walgreens Pharmacy #05798 401 N Azusa ... Pulmicort Inhaler Pregnant Texas Pearland aLLERGIST SAN ANTONIO ... asthma attacks inhaler seretide 500 west covina asthma mucus related arizona away. J Asthma And Allergy California West Covina miles Peter Kane[1] (born 17 March ... (A spacer can not be used with budesonide [Pulmicort] dry powder inhaler. Nasal And Asthma Polyps West Covina spacer topical application nicotine nicotine ... real cigarettes which is also the mouthpiece. the new albuterol inhalers. 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North Carolina, USA; 3Consultant, West Columbia, South Carolina, ... with budesonide delivered via Respimat® Soft Mist™ Inhaler (SMI) ... Explanation of nebulizers and nebulizer mediations under Medicare Part B. Selected Drug:*, PULMICORT FLEXHALER 90MCG AEROSOL POWDER BREATH ACTIVATED (60 METERED DOSES CTR). Drug Name: Ex: Lipitor. Find a local Columbia pharmacy location, including 24 hr pharmacies, to help with your medications and drugs and fill your prescriptions. Find a local Columbia pharmacy location, including 24 hr pharmacies, to help with your medications and drugs and fill your prescriptions. Mar 30, 2012 District of Columbia Pharmacy Benefits Management. Prescription Drug Claims System ..... Pulmicort Respules. Cromolyn Neb Sol. NA CL Neb ... We are pleased to provide the 2015 Columbia United Providers Preferred Drug ...... budesonide inh susp (PULMICORT equiv) (PA required for members 6 years. 812 N. Keene St, Columbia, MO 65201. 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Pulmicort Paterson
Pulmicort Paterson
Pulmicort Paterson
Pulmicort Paterson
Side Effects

Report the following side effects to your doctor only if they become bothersome or do not stop on their own

• Nasal congestion; throat irritation.

The following side effects require immediate medical attention. So report these to your doctor immediately

• Severe allergic reactions (rash; hives; itching; difficulty breathing; tightness in the chest; swelling of the mouth, face, lips, or tongue); depression; ear pain or discharge; mental or mood changes; new or worsening asthma symptoms (eg, increased wheezing); severe or persistent diarrhea or stomach pain; shortness of breath after using Pulmicort Flexhaler Powder; signs of infection (eg, fever, chills, or sore throat); vision changes; white patches in the mouth or throat.

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