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Carafate (Sucralfate)

Active Ingredient: (Sucralfate)
Carafate is an anti ulcer medication used for treating stomach ulcers. It prevents the development of ulcers in the body.
Batch Expiry Date: June 2017
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How it works

Carafate adheres to the ulcer sites and prevents the stomach acids from causing further inflammation and the ulcers from spreading.

Guidelines for Usage

Follow the dosage instructions provided by your doctor or as mentioned in the instruction booklet/product label.

Always use only as prescribed. Never exceed the dosage.

Avoid antacids for at least 2 hours before and after using Carafate.

Doctors recommend that you swallow the whole tablet/capsules with a glass of water unless it is specified that it can be broken or chewed.

NOTE: Use only if prescribed to you and intended for your use. Do not share with others.

Missed Dose

It is common for people to forget their dosage times and miss doses.

Do not panic if you have missed a dose.

Instead, skip the missed dose and take your next dose at the scheduled time. Do not double up or take more than what the doctor has prescribed.

How and where do i store Carafate

Carafate The medicine label contains detailed instructions regarding safe storage of the medication. Most medicines are best stored at room temperature between 15 and 30 degrees C (59 and 86 degrees F). Some medications may require to be refrigerated. Please check the product label.

Keep it away from the reach of children. Ensure that it is not exposed to direct sunlight or moisture.

Ask your pharmacist about safely disposing off medication that is past expiry date.

Overdose Information Carafate

If you accidentally consume more medication than what was prescribed, then contact an emergency healthcare center immediately.
Safety Information/ Warning Precautions

Discuss your medical history with your healthcare provider before you start using any new medication.

Ensure that you mention the following:

• Any prior serious ailment, lifestyle disease or surgery
• All the prescription drugs, OTC health supplements, herbal supplements that you are using currently
• Your alcohol intake and whether you smoke or not
• Any history of a known allergic reaction to prescription drugs or food

This will allow your healthcare provider to prescribe the apt dosage of the medication for you.

To be avoided

You must avoid using Carafate if it you are allergic to any ingredient in it or if you have conditions like kidney failure or are on dialysis.

Using Alcohol

Carafate is known to cause drowsiness or dizziness. Your vision may be blurred and your judgement affected if you consume alcohol with this medication. So, avoid using alcohol while using the drug.

These effects may also get aggravated due to hot weather or fever or severe exercise. So, be cautious when you stand up after a long time from a sitting or lying position. If you feel giddy then lie down immediately and seek medical help.

Additional Information

Yes. Carafate has aluminum on it ad if you are starting any new medication then you must check if it has aluminum too.

Carafate must not be used in children as it is unsure whether Carafate is safe in children.

Information for Pregnant Women

The Drug is categorized under FDA pregnancy category B.

Carafate is found in breast milk. Discuss the potential risks with your healthcare provider before using the medication. Certain medications may be found in breast milk so speak to your child’s doctor to rule out any possibilities of risk.
24 hours before: Do not take Carafate or Reglan. 8 hours before: Do not eat or drink. ... Medical Center 1211 Medical Center Drive Nashville, TN 37232. 24 hours before: Do not take Carafate or Reglan. 8 hours before: Do not eat or drink. ... Medical Center 1211 Medical Center Drive Nashville, TN 37232. 140+ items - ... portfolio, please click here. Item, Name, Case Qty, Type. Forest is building on a strong track record of commercial achievement to deliver important new medicines and strengthen our therapeutic franchises. Do not take Iron, Carafate, or Sucralfate during your prep or on the day of your test. • DIABETICS: While on the liquid diet you should only take half the dosage of  ... Mid-State Endoscopy, 2010 Church Street, Suite 420, Nashville, TN 37203 ... DO NOT take the following medications the day of your test: Iron, Carafate, ... 100 White Bridge Road Nashville, TN 37209 Phone: (615) 425-5500 ... 06/20/15 - TCAT Nashville receives funding to start new Diesel Technology program… avamigran carafate can nashv 1eb6 ille. Manufacturing cost sony watch online 100mg buy solage mequinol trinergot 1mg, discount 1mg brand name can i purchase, ... Oscar D. Guillamondegui, M.D., Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville, ..... Acute stress bleeding prophylaxis with sucralfate versus ranitidine and ... Nashville, TN. David Lukof, VMD. Harleysville, PA. John McCormick, DVM. Nashville, TN ..... sulfamethoxazole/trimethoprim, famotidine, sucralfate, cimetidine,. Información relativa al paciente del fármaco Carafate oral revisada por un médico ... Sucralfate se usa para el tratamiento de la úlcera activa del duodeno. Carafate es un medicamento contra la úlcera. Se utiliza para tratar una úlcera duodenal activa. Sucralfato puede curar una úlcera activa, pero no va a prevenir  ... It also promotes bicarbonate production and acts like an acid buffer with cytoprotective properties. Brand names include Carafate in U.S.A., Sucramal in Italy, ... El sucralfato se utiliza para prevenir la reaparición de úlceras duodenales ( úlcera que se encuentran en la primera parte del intestino delgado). Es posible que ... La paginadada es para el medicamento Carafate. Un poco mas abajo puede estudiar la instruccion del uso del preparado, conocer sobre las indicaciones al ... ... disponibles. Devolución de garantía. Carafate cura úlceras duodenales activas o úlceras en la boca y esófago formando una capa protectora sobre ellos. Carafate cura úlceras duodenales activas o úlceras en la boca y esófago formando una capa protectora sobre ellos. Ingrediente activo: Nombre de marca: La dosificación dependerá de su afección médica y de su respuesta al tratamiento.Para beneficiarse al máximo de este medicamento, úselo regularmente. This section contains uses of this drug that are not listed in the approved professional labeling for the drug but that may be prescribed by your health care  ... La cirugía para combatir el reflujo suele reservarse para los casos que no ... Carafate es un medicamento que recubre el interior del estómago y el esófago. No Daylight Saving Time in 2015. Difference. 5 hours ahead of. Sunnyvale. More weather details About ART — Argentina Time. Set your location. Sunrise. Apr 22, 2014 *Drugs like Maalox, Mylanta and sucralfate have aluminum salts in them. Vitamins ... Pharmacyclics, Inc. Sunnyvale, CA 2014. Van Erp NP ... May 24, 2014 Im taking Carafate (sucrafate) to coat my stomach three times daily, .... Advanced Member; Members; 225 posts; Location: Sunnyvale, CA; Age: ... 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Carafate Columbus
Carafate Columbus
Carafate Columbus
Carafate Columbus
Carafate Columbus
Carafate Columbus
Side Effects

Report the following side effects to your doctor only if they become bothersome or do not stop on their own

· Constipation; dizziness; feeling of a whirling motion.

The following side effects require immediate medical attention. So report these to your doctor immediately.

· Severe allergic reactions (rash; hives; itching; difficulty breathing; tightness in the chest; swelling of the mouth, face, lips, or tongue).

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